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This week (May 20 - 27) we continue a study of the Last Sayings of the Risen and Glorified Lord

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How to become a Christian (saved)!
Receive Jesus the Son of God who died for our sin, and arose from the dead into your life --
    A - Admit you're sinner deserving God's         wrath and need to be born again
    B - Believe on Lord Jesus Christ         turning from your sin
    C - Commit self to Lord Jesus as Lord         and Savior
    D - Dedicate to Christ-like
        (Christ-filled) living
 After receiving Christ --
    E - Enjoy Christian fellowship
    F - Fellow Christ in believer's baptism
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Bible Centered Devotions is  a writing ministry of Dr. Marty J. Evans Jr. pastor of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Enid, MS. Its purpose is to serve as a devotional aid encouraging you to read the Bible.

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